Please read the terms and conditions carefully.

  1. We don’t guarantee for any kind of job we just inform you about new vacancies.

  2. Even in worst scenario if we couldn’t apply your form due to technical issues then we are not responsible, also in case of any dispute, you can claim your money back.

  3. If we miss any vacancies to display then we shall not take its responsibility.

  4. After your subscription we will submit only those forms which are asked by you to be filled.

  5. We shall not be responsible for any kind of post delay.

  6. You need not come again after submitting your document once.

  7. We will use the spelling from your documents so, if these have any problem then we shall not be responsible for it.

  8. We shall not be responsible if forms are not submitted due to government website error.

  9. Please ask us to fill forms in the beginning of the forms declaration.

  10. If any kind of form fee is required to be paid then you will have to pay that amount. Before filling the form.

  11. You need to request us to fill the form at least seven days prior to the last date.

  12. We just apply on your behalf for the specific recruitment as demanded by you, it is not any job offer from us. We are not liable/responsible for any kind of recruitment cancelation. Only the concerned authorities’ of agencies’ should be contacted.

  13. If you are debarred from any exam. No fee remission will be done. Also if you couldn’t appear in exam specified, no fees remission will be done.

  14. If any typing error happens on our behalf, you have to check before final submission of the exam. We are not responsible for this.

  15. While making online payment if any transition failure is there, you need to contact your bank/respective authority.

  16. Only form applications which we have posted on our website are under these plans.

  17. We are not bound to post any job application on any suggestion. If our team thinks/decides to post any job application then only will be posted, however you may request for the same.